Color Correction Service

“Same item in different color” is a very usual speech to the marketing oriented people. In the time of purchasing something like fashion related or something special then there is question of color choice. Sometimes the product is alright the problem is in color. Customer demands how it seems in the other color. While it is possible in real marketplace customer have a tradition to search for the same design different color product but in online marketplace it would be a difficult task. Color correction service is best one service to grab the attention of more customers in your business platform.

What is color correction service?

From the headline it is clear that the color correction service is application of different color into the photo using photo editing technique. Color correction service is the advance level of photo editing technique that enables you to re arrange the color and adjust the photo tone to get an amazing look of a photo. In the time of  taking a photograph always it not possible to adjust light shadow with exact frame than photo editing service is required to re adjust the color to give the photo frame a new one look to grab the attention of your clients. Color correction photo editing technique helps to fulfill the client’s desire of same product with different color. This is a very good effective tool to grow more customers to achieve sales target. 

How it works?

If you are a busy photographer or business man and don’t have enough time edit photos for better outlook. While you don’t have enough time to for this purpose then we are eagerly waiting for you with a trained professional team for color correction service. Some very simple stage that you need to go through to get this service from us-

  1. First of all request 1-10 images to edit as per your direction.
  2. Our professional will get back to you within few moments with the sample work and pricing for it.
  3. While the sample and pricing matched with your desire then place an order.
  4. Upload your photos that require color correction.
  5. It will complete and delivered within the committed time.
  6. Complete the payments after a review and get the delivery.

Color Correction Service categories

Different types of color correction services are offered by our expert team for your business as well professional development. The listed services are given bellow. Get the suitable one what you need exactly.

  1. Sharpening and contrast correction: this service is to adjust the sharpness and contrast to modify the view of the image.
  2. White balance adjustment: Due to imbalance of white tone a picture lost its glamour. The white balance adjustment service gives the chance to repair the image to gives outstanding look.
  3. Noise adjustment with Custom color correction: sometime different types of noise and distortion decrease the glory of the image. This photo editing service allows making the outstanding outlook of photos again.
  4. Highlights of saturation correction: sometimes sunlight and light effects mesmerizing your image outlook. With this service your photos will be the vivid one and intense through the adjustment of saturation.
  5. Black and white color correction: the old image in black and white format can be converted into colorful through this type of color correction service.   
  6. HDR editing and blending service: Our professional graphic designer offers you to blend two different snaps in two different exposures into a single image through the adjustment of bright highlight and deep shadows editing technique.

Importance of Color Correction Services

If your profession is photo or image oriented then there is a great demand of photo editing like color correction service in your carrier. You have to conscious about the point discussed below.

  1. Dark or unexposed image can be converted into a bright and vivid one for better look.
  2. Very poor contrast can be corrected to get better quality image.
  3. It is very helpful to increase the dynamic range of your photos.
  4. It allows you to adjust the light level throughout the image for a perfect lighting combination.
  5. You can remove the unnatural tints through this color correction service from the image to get amazing outlook.
  6. Sunburn or other high light effect can be removed through the adjusting of saturation to make a better quality image.
  7. Without performing professional edit you can change the mood of your image to get outstanding outlook of image.

Require for color correction service

The color correction service is the advance level of photo editing for the professional for professional development. For the better output in photo color correction it has some precondition these are the-

  1. First of all select high quality wide gamut LCD or high quality monitor to view the proper angles on the display step by step.  
  2. Calibrate your monitor in a standard level to preview the pure color impact and image tone.
  3. Edit the image in a semi dark area to notice the exact color effect on the image during editing.
  4. Follow the steps during the adjustment. Adjust the image from the higher order adjustment to the lower order but not in the random way.
  5. Beside the right route to correct the color of an image there is also a incorrect route. You must have concern and always use the right route because color correction is always subjective for amazing outlook of image.

Benefits of Color Correction Service

For the effective results of color correction service it becomes the most popular photo editing technique to the image related professionals. A few advantage of color correction service is pointed here.

  1. Better output of the image: If somehow skilled and professional photographer captures a dull photo which is a question mark for the photographer reputation? A dull or mare image can be converted into a perfect one through this color correction service.
  2. Increase production values: All the businessman think about the production value on his product. Color correction service is a perfect tool for increasing the production values for business development.
  3. Reduce cost: through the color correction service you can create different color product from a single image hence you can save the extra cost in capturing image.
  4. Saves valuable time: Once you get the similar product image in various different colors in a very little time then it is your time to use more times in marketing and branding of your product.
  5. Increase sales value: Once you deliver various designs products image then it leads to grow more customers. while more customer gathers in your site your sales value will increase.

Color Correction Services cost in Bangladesh

Color correction service is professional hand service for photo editing. You have to spent money for this purpose if you are not able to do this by your own. For your kind attention the pricing range for color correction service is given here-

  1. White balance adjustment, Noise adjustment, sharpening and contrast correction service costing starts from 0.25$ per image.
  2. Culling, custom color correction, saturation correction service requires 2.50$ per image.
  3. Photo exposure color correction and black white photo colorization costing begins from 6$ per image.
  4. HDR editing and blending service pricing starts at 12$ per image.
  5. Weeding package till 700 image color correction pricing starts at 119$.

These are the pricing concept for you. The pricing varies upon the quality of editing and value of order. You don’t have to be worried about the quality because we ensure the quality service. Once you get our service then we are well confident that you must get back to us with a bigger order value. Thanks in advance and best wishes!