Wedding Photo editing services

Weeding is the memorable part of our life. Weeding is not only memorable for the couple but also it is valuable for the dearest and nearest relative. As weeding is the memorable occasion of our life hence we want to capture the weeding moment through professional photographer or personally captured photos. Once we store the captured photos then we can use it for remembrance. As Weeding photography is important for remembrance hence we have to capture and stored it carefully. Here in this content well will discuss about weeding photo editing service. For details continue with this content.

What is weeding photo editing service?

The photo captured in weeding ceremony is called weeding photos. Weeding photos are so valuable for one’s personal life hence good quality weeding photos are so important. In the time of weeding session there are many rare session that are arranged in single time hence the photo should captured at that exact moment. In most of the cases these types of photo may lose its glossy for imbalance of various photo elements. As it is the valuable image then it should be edited for its good looking by an expert hand. The editing or modifying ones memorable weeding image is called wedding photo editing service. Let’s have details information about photo editing service.

Category of weeding photo editing service

We offer several category of weeding photo editing service. You may prefer which category of service is exactly needed for you from the following categories.

  1. Weeding photograph culling: In the time of weeding a photographer should captured more than 1000 image. From this crowd of images our expert team member will find out the image which is not matched with its scaling. Our professional team will rescale the weeding photography as that it will give the best and attractive outlook to meet your desire.
  2. Weeding photograph retouching service: In the time of capturing weeding photos the imbalance of photo elements will decrease the outlook of image. It may occur in the capturing special moment of weeding hence don’t need to be worried the weeding photo retouching service is for you. Here in Weeding photo retouching service our professional photographer will reform or reshape your weeding image with their expertness and professionalism. Hence your special moment capturing gets an amazing outlook for presenting in the next time.
  3. Weeding photo color correction service:  Color is the most sensitive element of photo. Variation of color makes a revolutionary change in the image outlook. In the weeding time there are various types of lighting effect used in weeding decoration hence the photos should be matched with the lightening of image background. If the captured image has any imperfection of color then the color should corrected through photo editor. The color correction service makes your photo perfect with all color correction.
  4. Weeding photo album creation service: While there are more that thousands of photos in the weeding time it should arranged based on the occasion. Our weeding photo album creation service will re arrange your images in such a way as that you can find the special moments photos in a place.
  5. Advanced weeding photo editing service: As there are many photo editing service available to manage and edit your weeding photos for better outlook but also there are advance photo editing service is available for you. We offer best quality photo editing through HSL adjustments, horizon streamlining, basic cultivation, etc. our professional hands will apply advance photo editing technique to get a perfect image.
  6. Removing and changing background:  In the time of weeding photography some unwanted objects are appeared that decrease the image beauty. The background removing and changing service offers you change or manipulate background that is perfectly matched with background.  

How it works?

If you want to outsource your weeding image to make a new sensation of your weeding time then you may choose our professional team. To give a new look of your weeding photography by our team you have to go through the following process-

  1. First of all ask a sample work from our expert team as per your desire direction.
  2. Our professional team will contact you with the sample works and costing for it.
  3. If the sample work and costing suits your budget then upload your image in the given link.
  4. Our team will send you a quote for order confirmation and time of project delivery.
  5. Click on the quote and confirm the order and wait till the committed time.
  6. Once the project is complete then take a tour to review the project.
  7. If everything is ok then pay for it and get the download link.

Costing of weeding photo editing service

Costing of weeding photo editing service varies on the editing type and image quality. Here some of sample price are given for your kind attention-

  1. Weeding photograph culling costing starts at 0.5$ per image.
  2. Weeding photograph retouching service starts at 1$ per image.
  3. Weeding photo color correction service starts at 0.75$ per image.
  4. Weeding photography album creation costing starts at 0.5$ per image.
  5. Advance weeding photo editing service costing starts at 1.25$ per image.
  6. Removing and changing background of weeding image costing starts at 0.5$ per image.

This is just a sample price which may vary upon the order values. If you interested to work with us then place your order we will give you a bulk discount for you.

Just use our weeding photo editing service and makes your weeding image more natural. As it is a memorable thing hence don’t be getting late use this service and store your memorable and valuable weeding image.  Have a nice time!